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Welcome to Oli finance Group

Over the years, Oli finance Group has approved hundreds of valued customers seeking to finance a bike or scooter. At Oli finance Group, we realize you might need a scooter for various reasons. However, one reason many of our customers tell us they need their scooter is to get to work within. Knowing this, we take pride on becoming the financing company of choice for many customers in need of a scooter to get to their work place.

Why choose us?

We adjust to your budget

Poor credit? Low credit? or No credit at all? Oli Finance believes everyone deserves a chance in life. We accept applicants with a strong proof of personal and financial responsibility, whereas, other dealers turn you away; we welcome you to apply and when approved we put you in contact with a local dealer near you.

Fast Response

Understanding our customers’ need in a fast timing fashion is what separate us from our competitors. When you apply for financial services, you can expect one of our courteous loan specialists to quickly analyze your application. Our goal is to get you riding your scooter as fast as you would like.

Multiple Dealers in Your Area

Recognizing your hard work and personal financial responsibility is just the beginning. After we have approved your application, we will direct you to top-rated dealers near you..

Local Deals

Not only has Oli Finance paired with top-rated dealers in your area, but also dealers offering the lowest prices in the industry. Therefore, when approved; you should know that we will send you to a dealer with an excellent customer service as well as a solid reputation in your community.

Should you present proof of these particular requirement, you may be approved: 

The above requirement is simply what we ask of you. As we stated before, Oli Finance is committed to assisting people with a strong proof of personal financial responsibility. We may ignore your credit score, however; we will pay close attention to essential responsibilities such as holding a job.


Upon approval, we will direct you to a local Scooter participant dealer near you.

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